KC Family Picnic

Waseca Community Area 9 Special Olympics

Check out the neat things Cindy Ruedy is doing with one of our area Special Olympic teams.   https://www.facebook.com/pg/Wca9so/posts/

This is one of the teams that receive money from our Tootsie Roll Drive.  Cindy was very excited to receive it and is going to use it to bring the team to the state tournament.



KC Raffle Calendar Winners


Raffle calendar winners can be found here:  KC Raffle Calendar Winners


This is the final posting, thank you for supporting our raffle.

KC Calendar

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History of Grand Knights

I have compiled (with Roger's help) a list of all the Grand Knights of Council #2768.  I'm still missing a few, if you can fill in the blanks, let me know.  Tim


History of Grand Knights




Grand Knight Blair Strand
Email bts69jea@gmail.com
Phone 507-330-3099
Webmaster Tim Muotka
Email muotka@hickorytech.net


Meetings First Mondays
Time 7:00pm
Location Parish Center