Columbus Day

Dear Brother Knight,
As we prepare to celebrate Columbus Day, the following links may be of interest.

  1. K of C-Marist poll shows strong support for Columbus and Columbus Day
  2. Blaming Columbus Misses the Lessons of History
  3. A website about Columbus, presented by the National Christopher Columbus Association
  4. New KofC-Marist Poll: Do Americans Support Columbus Day?
  5. Christopher Columbus and Fake History
  6. Why Columbus Sailed: Interview with Scholar Carol Delaney


 Knights of Columbus 

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Men's Adoration Hour

Brother Knights,

We have begun an adoration hour on Wednesdays at 10 pm. Please join us as we pray a Rosary and a Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  Prayers are offered up for our Church, Priest, community and Country, or any other intentions that are brought forward.  If you can make it just show up at the side chapel in the Church where we will pray before the blessed Sacrament.

Blair Strand,

Grand Knight

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History of Grand Knights

I have compiled (with Roger's help) a list of all the Grand Knights of Council #2768.  I'm still missing a few, if you can fill in the blanks, let me know.  Tim


History of Grand Knights




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