In October of 1869, four families met, Thomas White, John Collins, Jerome Madden and Gottlieb Buchler, at the house of Thomas White to discuss ways and means for erecting a Catholic church.  Because of their great faith, this was the beginning of efforts to build the first Catholic Church in Waseca. Today it is known as the Church of the Sacred Heart.

In 1879, a wood framed church was erected in the village of Waseca.  Built at the present church site, the church building faced south. At this time it was a mission of St. Mary’s. In 1878 Father Alexander Christie was appointed first resident pastor at Sacred Heart, serving until 1890.

In 1886, the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus of Philadelphia, were invited to build a school on the present Parish Center site. Child’s History of Waseca County states:  “This is one of the important educational institutes of the state and has done much for the people of Waseca and surrounding county.” Our school today continues to be an important educational institute.

In 1897, the parish fathers along with Father Treanor, dreamed of a large, beautiful new church for our growing parish community.  After much planning, May 1, 1898, the parish farmers dug the foundations.  The cornerstone of the present Church of the Sacred Heart was blessed on October 5, 1898.  This church was to be the “finest church in southern Minnesota”.  On October 16, 1900, the new church was completed with a seating capacity of 1000.

Because of the importance of faith and education of our early settlers and the parish community through the years, the Church of the Sacred Heart continued to grow into the wonderful faith and education center that it is today.