Total Stewardship & Dev.

iWelcome Team

Purpose: To create a standardized process to welcome all new parishioners to Sacred Heart. To build a program that will help parishioners become engaged in parish life while getting acquainted and having fun. This team is a subset of the Stewardship Core Team.

Responsibilities: To welcome new parishioners moving into the Waseca community, new Catholics joining Sacred Heart, Catholics who have been inactive and seasonal parishioners. To find new ways for longtime parishioners to engage in Sacred Heart activities. To promote Sacred Heart activities to area schools, places of work and area communities through print, media and, most important, through personal invitation.

Time Commitment: 3 hours/month. 1 hour/meeting and 2 hours for preparation or assignment work.

Meeting Frequency and Time: Once monthly on Tuesday nights at 6-7 p.m.

Additional Time Requirements: Dependent upon current project work.

Duration of Commitment Needed: 1 year

Additional Requirements: Creative ideas and a passion to organize a process to make Sacred Heart a vibrant community of engaged parishioners from worship to church activities and to emanate that out into the surrounding community.

Contact Kathleen Miller
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Stewardship Team

Purpose: To personally invite parishioners to engage in stewardship activities at Sacred Heart. Sacred Heart's mission is “Living Christ… so all may fully live,” and we define stewardship as the development of meaningful involvement.

Responsibilities: To implement the Stewardship Strategic Plan. To coordinate and execute the invitation to total stewardship: prayer, service and offering. To communicate stewardship activities. To continue stewardship development and education. To oversee stewardship implementation teams.

Time Commitment: 2-5 hours per month.

Meeting Frequency and Time: Meetings are monthly and approximately 1 hour long, usually starting at 7:15 p.m. Meeting dates are chosen well in advance.

Additional Time Requirements: As needed to complete specific tasks.

Duration of Commitment Needed: 15-18 months

Additional Requirements: Team members need to be positive, vision-driven and committed to the process.

Contact Kevin Riha
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