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Click here  to see the great things at the KC Supreme website:  KC Join


If you are a Twitter user, follow @KofC and @BirkMatt .  Matt Birk is former Viking All-Pro who is actively involved in the KCs and promoting them.


Here is the promo video with Matt Birk: https://youtu.be/iPX_d-tmxM0




KC Polo Shirts

We are going to place an order of the KC logo Polo shirts.  These are the current shirts some already have, and are royal blue with the KC logo embroidered in color.  They are a “tech” type fabric that do not shrink and are much cooler than the older cotton type shirts we had.  We are taking orders for shirts through September 15th.  We will order a few extra of each size, but if you want one, please order your size to ensure you get what you want. 



Cost for the shirts by size are:

Large     $25

XL           $26

2XL         $27

3XL         $28

4XL         $29

5XL         $30


These shirts are great to wear to KC and church events.  Some members may want to have 2, one to wear to causal events (meetings, burger fry, picnic) were things could get messy, and a “good” one to wear at events like Mass, KC conventions,  a KC member’s wake).  

 We will have a sign up at the next meeting or email Tom by September 15th to place your order.

Road Clean Up

Monday, Oct 1st @ 5:30, regular meeting at 7:00


We will pick litter on our stretch of County Rd 4, south of the old EF Johnson building.  Meet at 5:30pm at the north end of the route.


KC Calendar

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History of Grand Knights

I have compiled (with Roger's help) a list of all the Grand Knights of Council #2768.  I'm still missing a few, if you can fill in the blanks, let me know.  Tim


History of Grand Knights




Grand Knight Tom Metzdorff
Email wasvet@hickorytech.net
Phone 507-461-2010
Webmaster Tim Muotka
Email muotka@hickorytech.net


Meetings First Mondays
Time 7:00pm
Location Parish Center