Sacrament of Reconciliation:

This sacrament of healing sacramentally makes present Jesus’ call to conversion. Within this sacrament the penitent acknowledges sinfulness, accepts a penance, and satisfaction for sin. Following confession of sins to a priest, the penitent receives pardon for sins through the loving mercy of God.

Reconciliation is celebrated regularly Saturday evening from 4:00-4:30 pm and 30 minutes before the Sunday Masses. Additional times are posted during Advent, Lent, and a few other times during the year. See the right hand side of the Home Page for Confession times.

Children of second grade or older prepare to celebrate First Reconciliation. Students are expected to be enrolled in either Sacred Heart School or Wednesday evening Faith Formation Session here at Sacred Heart Parish. Parent involvement is an integral part of all of our programs. Parents are always, first and foremost the students primary teacher in learning to live their faith. Parents' involvement includes, but is not limited to, parent-child interaction at Reconciliation Learning Centers.  Reconciliation for these youth and families is celebrated within a December parish communal Reconciliation celebration.



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