In Baptism we celebrate the wonderful gift of God by which we are made holy, become God’s children, receive gifts of the Holy Spirit. “Living out one’s Baptism is a lifelong responsibility.  Growing in holiness and discipleship involves a willingness to continue to learn throughout our life about the faith and how to live it.   It also involves a willingness to support & encourage others who share the faith and who have committed themselves to the ongoing process of conversion of heart and mind to God, which results in the holiness to which we are called." U.S. Catholic Catechism for Adults, p. 196-197

Baptism Preparation:

Baptism is a sacrament in the Church and requires that one of the parents must be baptized as Catholic and both must agree to raise the child in the Catholic Faith. The process includes naming sponsors that will care for the faith health of the child should something happen to the parents. Begin by contacting the Parish Office (507) 835-1222 to make an appointment, with Father Leif, and set the date for the Baptism.